Fibre Reinforced Plastics

Shaping the Future with High Strength Plastics


Fibre Reinforced Plastics or FRP are extremely versatile materials. Its two major components include - Thermoset Plastics and Fibre Reinforcements like Glass Fibre, Carbon Fibre, Natural Fibres etc. 

Once, Ruia Chemicals was an established market leader in Unsaturated Polyester Resins, we chose to engage in development and manufacture of Fibre Reinforced Plastics Pipes and Tanks. Ruia Chemicals introduced FRP Pipes and Tanks to the Greenfield Indian Oil Industry. 


In 2005, after our sustained efforts, Indian Oil gave us the opportunity to manufacture, supply and install more than 20 Kilometres of pressurized FRP Pipeline Network for its Underground Fire Fighting Pipeline Network. 

WealsointroducedlargecapacityFRPTanksaswellaspressurised FRPtankstotheOilindustryledbyIndian Oil and the paint industry led by Asian Paints. 



Present Scenario


We regularly manufacture and export large capacity FRP tanks for Chemical industry, Oil and Gas industry and Paint industry.Indian Oil purchases Underground FRP Sump Tanks and FRP AFFF Storage Tanks from Ruia Chemicals on a regular basis 


 Ruia Chemicals Capacity


  •  Automatic CNC Filament Winding Machines for producing FRP Pipes and Tanks. 

  • Manufacture FRP Pipes of sizes up to 2500 mm in diameter.

  • In-House Fabrication of FRP Tanks of up to 50,000 Litre capacity.

  • Fabrication of large capacity tanks done on-site. 

  • Manufacturing of FRP Pultruded Products like FRP Rods, Angles, Channels, Tubes, Squares and their downstream products like FRP Ladders, FRP Gratings, Cable Trays etc 



Safety Concerns


Our FRP Pipes and Tanks are designed and tested as per the best international standards. All tests including Ultimate Tensile and Flexural Strengths, Hydroscopic Pressure Tests are carried out in-house. 

Our FRP Pipes and Tanks have been certified by some of the most reputed inspection agencies like Bureau Veritas, Germanischer Lloyd, PDIL etc. 

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